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You may not have heard about Bio-Essence in Thailand yet, but it is actually one of the leading skin care and health brand in South East Asia, trending in Malaysia, Korea in Singapore. As a brand new player entering a very competitive market, Bio-Essence expects reaching out to an active crowd of young women while building a strong brand presence in a timely and cost effective social media approach.


Well, let's be honest, that's a tough one. In a saturated industry mostly driven by aggressive discounted promotions, there's not much room for what the products stand for. So what if instead of going with flow and blasting 50%-OFF everywhere we could focus on the "essence" and actual benefits of the products, through education, storytelling and valuable creative contents ?

We had our angle.


Social Content marketing
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We focused on bringing a real value to Bio-Essence message by crafting and designing mini-stories for each of their ranges of products, highlighting benefits and results by educating users on Bio-Essence unique attention to product composition.

The idea was to give life and personalize products while emphasizing on proximity and emotions. Each and every single of our story was designed with a serious a touch of "wow!" and "awwh!" ;)

We added a strong educational value by creating original brand-owned pieces, to inspire while educating a wider social community, on the fact that Bio-Essence is one of the most popular brand in SE Asia. We developed infographics, artworks, GIFs, cinemagraphs,... (you name it!) to drive awareness and quality engagement.

And once we had our weekly social media "rendez-vous" on the pages, then it was time to make it go viral ! We came up with a micro-game designed to promote one of Bio-Essence's latest line of Exfoliating scrubs to preempt a strategic Christmas period for the brand.


Slot Machine

"Stop & Share"



Okay, so how did it go ?

social media shares



social media strategy


+1,2 M

Facebook likes

Along with a talented influencer research strategy, we managed to build a wide network of influencers who would review on a regular basis Bio-Essence new products, take part in on-going social media events and collaborate with us to increase brand advocacy.

Social media bangkok influencer
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The impact on the community was immediate, driving an important organic traffic an the pages, which enabled us to focus on different and way more impactful paid-media activities while renewing with our social micro-games activities on a monthly basis.

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Month 1 


Facebook social media bangkok
social media community

Check us out

1st reviews 


social media results bangkok

x8 of organic fans within the first 4 month

Average social media engagement was boosted by 185% with the first 3 month 

+300% of sales inquiries across all the pages within 2 month

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