We are not a marketing agency, we're not a digital agency either. We are a Social Media Marketing Agency.


It might look or sound the same but for us, there is a big difference. This means we know the challenges that come with having a relevant social media presence, being different yet unique. Because everyone is going social but not everyone is doing it well, Garçon! takes pride in being the only 100% social agency in Bangkok, always on the lookout for creativity, leveraging the latest trends and incredibly relevant.


So when we created Garçon! 5 years ago, we took a bold turn make social media our area of expertise, and social only.

Our team is made up of cool and talented youngsters, creative minds and social geniuses.

And yes, sometimes we're super weird. But guess what? We kinda like it.

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After working a couple of years between advertising, marketing and media, Antoine had had enough. "Social Media needs me" or so he said. Well, we don't know about that, but that's how Garçon! started and since then, it has helped brands find their way and improve their social and digital presence with a creative and innovative approach!

Margaux Garçon


Well, Margaux always had a foot or two in hospitality since very young (and still is by the way). After working digital marketing and finance jobs, she settled and opened her heart to a dear industry, and since then, she has devoted herself in bringing value, results and an irresistible penchant for always making Garçon!'s amazing clients & partners stand out.



...and probably the guys you'll have to put up with at some point. Sorry about that :(

Yes, we talk about ourselves in the third person.

But trust us, our services are way better than our personal descriptions. Send us a quick email, we'll be happy to get to know you !

Expertise. Why would you work with us ? Besides the fact that we are nice and polite, we have actually built a strong expertise that differentiates us.


We adopt an integrated social marketing approach, it means we handle all social media aspects through one agency and not with multiple contacts or third-parties because we still believe in "homemade" success. Above all, we want to control the quality of your message, the consistency of your content and the the success of your digital strategy.


Details matter. We truly believe all brands from beauty, to hotels, restaurants, retail or bank, are unique in their own way, have their own "little something" that sets them apart. We focus on bringing out your core values and exposing you for what you really are : unique. That's the way we see it.


But being unique is one thing. Being on top is another. That's where we come in. With a good social media strategy, focused on your needs and your story, success is right around the corner. 

Flexibility. We understand that our clients do not have the same needs or the same budget. That’s why we use the word flexibility pretty much in everything, because we accommodate every single one of our clients with (amaaaaaazing) result-oriented strategies tailor-made to their resources.