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Chances are you're one of those who could spend hours and hours getting pampered, coddled and spoiled by the magic of Thai wellness. Good, we're on the same page then. So you can imagine how exited we were when we got approached by wellness experts Anantara Resorts & Spa. Boasting breathtaking destinations where to heal, restore and rejuvenate, Social Media was the key to dust off an old-school presence with more on-point content, fresh inspirations and a much-needed local touch.


Alrighty, what's next? If you know anything about us, you'll know that we've never been big fans of the usual stock-like photos or inspiration quotes. And with such a history rooted with Thai culture and traditions, Anantara needed a little something that would casually and proudly blend heritage with innovation, experience with uniqueness. From tactical influencers collabs to stunning content production and topical community management, it was time to treat Anantara to our kind of therapy.

We had our angle.


With over 30 hotels & resorts worldwide and as many spas and wellness retreats, one of our core focus was to immediately work on establishing consistent content pillars across all the properties, that would capture different sides of the brand, while instilling credibility and expertise with a modern twist. Our production team then sailed off to do what they do best: create compelling experiences.

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We strived to build and curate an engaging social media presence across all our channels, creating a consistent mood & tone from Facebook to Instagram, educating while exciting, teasing while inspiring. 

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Engagement over the first 3 months

With a community growing steadily, it was time to move to the 2nd part of the plan. Influencers. Why? Simple. To drive local traffic. Who doesn't want an hour of pampering after a hard day's work? That's where our curated network of hospitality KOLs came in handy. Creating a relatable and believable storytelling was essential to smoothly introduce Anantara's myriad of wellness treatments, while getting the validation of a large crowd of millennial users.

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Taking things up a notch

Aiming at recruiting a social-driven fan base, we had at heart to modernize Anantara's content by shifting from traditional and formal to new and engaging formats. Getting inspiration from our previous work with wellness brands such as Yves Rocher, we released a series of short videos and GIFs to capture the spirit and essence of Anantara through a lifestyle lens.

Let's talk numbers

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