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In a market saturated with competition, loads of ads and a very limited attention dedicated to it, we know how difficult it is to get your name out there.
At Garçon!, we believe there's more in your products or services than what hard promotion can sell. It has heart, soul and value. And because people rely on people, we have built solid relationships with top social media influencers to help your brand get the attention it deserves.
That's why we have developed our own team of experts, dedicated to finding the right ambassadors, spokespersons for your brand, building lasting and trustworthy relationships to develop tactically your visibility and sales.



Influencer marketing is about identifying key individuals who will deliver relevant content to your target audience.

We find, track and reach out to your brand ambassadors to make sure you hit the spot !



Influencers are submitted to a lot of requests and won't be able to manage every inquiries. That's why we find ways to tickle their attention and turn their focus on you



Having spokespersons on your side is one thing, but using their words for the world to see is another. We make sure to scatter content across strategic places so it will be read, noticed and spread



Social media is a non-stop changing environment where influencers move, grow and develop new levels of expertise. That's why we nurture your network and keep tabs on new opportunities for your brand



Bottomline of a successful influencer campaign is measuring the real impact on your business, whether on sales, awareness or both. We provide you with timely sales-oriented reports to see how influencers increased your business



Feel like taking your influencer marketing strategy to the next level?

We get it. Give us a call or shoot us an email. 

Don't be shy.

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