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Social Media Marketing Bangkok

Social Media Marketing
What we do. And (pretty) well.

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The First Social Media Agency
in Bangkok

We have been around for 7 years, and we have been doing only social media ever since. We live, breathe, think about social media whether we're working or sleeping. That's our thing. That's our true love (awww...!).

On a serious note, all these "likes", "share" and "views" can make or break any brand. It is not vital but essential to create compelling strategies from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to TikTok or Line so that brands can build strong and engaged communities. 

Great news, that what we do! Garçon! has pioneered the "art" of social media marketing and is working closely with brands providing, effective, proven and award-winning strategies. Some of our partners include Marriott, Spotify, Taco Bell or Central Group among others, for whom we strive to come up with innovative and unique social media marketing strategies.


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Social Media Strategy

With good preparation comes great results. To make sure we get there, we start with our "on-boarding" phase. That's where we get to know you and you to know us.


We take you through a series of questions so that our team can comprehend the ins and outs of your business. We then go through an extra round of research, competitor analysis and we elaborate your social media guidelines.

What you have in mind for your brand may not be exactly what your audience expects, so we usually come up with innovative angles, a localized, original approach to tactically stand out within your market.

Social Media Agency Bangkok

Then? We start paving the way to social media success. This means we unroll our action plan, from media planning and KPI's definition to shortlisting influencers and content direction. And because each brand is different, we take time to make sure the action plan is customized to your DNA and objectives so that your social media communication will be relevant and unique.

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Community Management
Community Management

Often overlooked, community management is about providing a feeling of belonging to your social media users. It's about being accessible and relatable, creating deep connections while positioning your brand as social-savvy.


At Garçon! we develop community management tactics designed to acknowledge your fans (and non-fans), encourage interactions and being outstanding when it comes to managing a conversation.

We handle the hassle of the Inbox across all platforms, provide fast and efficient answers, create a sense of loyalty tailored to your brand voice.

Content Creation

Content is king, and even more on social media. With such a short attention span from our audience, we create assets that catch the eye while capturing the brand's essence.

Our team of content creators, graphic designers and copywriters, lay down the ground rules of the direction we'll take, generating powerful visual assets, artworks, GIFs, animations, designed to ultimately strengthen brand awareness and generate leads.

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Content Creation

Our content is provided on a monthly basis and obeys strictly to the content pillars we have defined within our on-boarding phase. Each piece of content matches carefully the brand's voice, includes specific brand elements so that the look and feel of the brand feels consistent. 

El Gaucho Content Production

Content Production

Garçon! along with its sister company StickyRice has earned fame for its unique and edgy content. Always striving to be unique and memorable, our own production team create photos and videos that empower your storytelling.

Our photographers, videographers and producers come on site, at your restaurant, hotel, shop or even factory to capture what makes you unique. We also provide studio shootings to highlight your products in a fresh and social-savvy way.

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Influencer Marketing

Whether you like it or not, influencers (or KOL) are the go-to when it comes to pushing brand advocacy.

At Garçon! we were early adopters and worked with niche influencers ever since we started back in 2015. We have since then even launched our own private influencer network KinKlub gathering +800 local profiles with whom we create tasty campaigns for Restaurants and Hotels.

When planning for influencer collaborations, we spend time recruiting then vetting (manually!) each profile to make sure they are capable of uplifting your brand story and bring added-value. 

Our brand ambassador campaigns range across all platforms, from Facebook to Instagram and now more than ever...TikTok!

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Social Advertising Campaigns

While some brands blast ads everywhere they can, we adopt a more holistic approach. Ads are great to reach out to a new, untapped market, but they need to be used tactically.

Our SEM team will research your core audience while putting together selected visuals, copies and calls-to-action in order to run cost-efficient A/B testings. Once we have narrowed down your top 1%, we then build niche audience and strategically push custom messages to each of your cold/warm/hot users to ultimately increase your number of leads while reducing your cost per action.

Optimizations are operated on a daily basis, ensuring responsiveness and limiting unnecessary spendings.

Facebook Advertising Bangkok

Social Shopping & Commerce

You probably have noticed that traditional e-commerce websites are losing steam. That's because of the revolution of social shopping. This recent trend, that Garçon! identified among the top social media 5 shifts for 2022, enables users to buy directly from Facebook, Instagram or Line.

We generate lead-focused template for brands to promote their products across their social media platforms, using native formats from Facebook Instant Experiences to Stories, Carousel, Messenger ads and Collections.


We are putting your business front and centre on social media with ads that reach your audience across every device. Our team is building a seamless experience for your users to discover your products and tactically "remarket" them until their purchase funnel is validated.

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Reporting & Recommendations

social media reporting

How did it go? 

We answer this question thoroughly each month with a detailed social media reporting that will give you clarity on each of our action and result.

To provide perspective, our reports are compared month to month, so that we can clearly assess the progress made.

Our reports -paid and organic- are generated with an independent third-party tool, which gives a more accurate, in-depth vision of the social health of your accounts.

We follow each reporting with an agency/client meeting to provide you with our insights, explanations, adjustments and most important: our recommendations for the upcoming months.

Case Studies

Feel like you could do better on social media?

We get it. Give us a call or shoot us an email. 

Don't be shy.

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